Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Love Notes for my Littles: For E- 4.15.14, 11:20 am

Precious E,

Today I'm marveling at how perfectly God engineered the physical relationship between a mommy and a baby.   It can be no accident that when I hold you, and you're snuggled close nursing, there's a perfect little "baby nose" shaped triangle at the junction where my arm rests next to my breast.   Your head fits right in and your nose is sheltered in that sweet spot, where you can smell me, and I can see you and most importantly... you can breathe.   What a marvel.  What a small but invaluable miracle.

Love Notes for my Littles:  For E- 4.15.14, 11:20 amI also love that when I'm holding you, and you're eating the same precious "liquid gold" that babies innumerable have eaten since the beginning of time, with your belly pressed to mine, your feet snake around my body and you are the perfect size, just as you are, to totally snuggle me from head to toe. 

Even your sister, who has several inches on you by now, still is able to enjoy the full body snuggle when she needs the comfort.   Just another way our bodies are designed to comfort and protect each other.

I am too aware that our time like this is limited.  That one day, you'll run to steak and potatoes instead of your mommy's milk, but for this short time I will take delight in feeding you, my child.  I will savor each time we are forced to sit down and shut out the rest of the world for a brief time and enjoy each others company.  I will relish your fat baby thighs, and your soft little stomach and your chubby chubby cheeks, because... I did that.  I made you healthy and strong with my remarkable, God-given body.  And every time your sweet gummy mouth purses around me, and your eyes, so sweet and open and trusting look into mine, I know I'm building with you a bond that will last beyond either of our lifetimes.... my little man, my precious son.