Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Love Notes for my Littles: For W- 3.19.14, 5:30 am

In the wee, small hours of the morning, your smaller voice echos across the hall.   A silly song and something else that you find very funny bubbles out of you and then we hear "pat-pat-pat" across to your door where you enact your greatest and most diabolical weapon to date against the hearts of your mom and dad... the mornful, sweet-as-sugar, "Daaddeee."

Like on a string, your "Daaddeee" comes to you from his warm deep sleep and sets you free and you come in on your pad feet, the sweetest sound ever, to the side of our bed.  Your daddy lifts you up and you snuggle close to me.  You smell just like summertime-- your head nestled close to mine... Coco Butter and Honeysuckle and Chlorine from your swim class the previous afternoon.

We lie there for a little, entwined as only a tiny child and parent can be, and wish the coming dawn away for a few more minutes.   I breathe in your summer baby smell once again and thank God for these little moments with you, when you are just my Baby and I am just a Mama who would move heaven and earth if it would hold this moment still for a little while longer.  (19 months)


  1. What a great way to preserve this sweet memory.

  2. Love this ...... .continue to journal these special moments because it becomes hard to remember as time goes by. Memories Thank You God