Thursday, January 24, 2013

taking me out to the woodshed

This is about Discipline...  Good grief, I hate that word.

I was "taken out to the woodshed" today by a colleague, and he was absolutely right to do it.  But that doesn't make it harder to take.
What is it about getting corrected that makes us bristle?  Is it the desire to be right all the time, because heaven knows I have my fair share of ego...

I think it boils down to something else. 

I think it's about having to be honest with myself about where I'm lacking.  It's about having to say, "Hey listen, Me! Sometimes you suck at time management."

I'll tell you the truth.   I'm grateful.  Even though it hurts, because until someone cares enough about you and your progress that they are willing to step up and have those tough conversations, it's easy to delude yourself that everything is fine.  What I guess need to hear more often is that everything is not fine, in the right frame of reference.... to build me into the person I need to be.   I'm blessed to have those types of people in my life that will take that on themselves for my benefit.

Like iron sharpening iron. 

photo credit: Mike Enemark via photopin cc